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Awareness is about keeping your consciousness attuned to present reality. Become aware of your actions, motives, triggers, feelings, and thoughts that often get lost in the turmoil of our busy lives. Pay attention to your whole inner life independent of any thoughts that may be present.

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A lot of our experiences pass by totally unrecognised. We are half-present to our lives. Rituals can help you to free yourself from mental conditioning. It requires the ability to direct and sustain receptive awareness. Here are a couple of exercises you can try.


Attend to your breathing every time you can. Notice your breath and try to keep your attention on your breath for as long as possible.

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Through our physical self we can awaken who we truly are. This sensory awakening can be used to discover an inner richness and self-awareness, while bringing us more fully into the present moment. Reclaiming the senses is an important step for any true healing, psychological well-being or spiritual development.


Go for a walk and consciously observe your surroundings. What do you smell? What do you see? What do you hear? Can you taste the wind when you breathe in? How does it feel to walk outside? Observe what is around and what is inside to keep your mind in the present moment.

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