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We are all born to create. Creativity is the core of our being. It's what connects us with the essence because it is the essence. Creativity allows us to look at old ways with new eyes. It is a nourishing aspect of our lives. When engaged in creativity, our mind will surprise us with messages and insights about ourselves that we wouldn't find when cognitively engaged with our issues. It allows us to decenter, relax, and recharge.

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We often judge our creations, and we often fear blank paper in front of us. But what if you could let go of all of the judgment and enjoy the process? When next you create—whether it is drawing, clay, movement, singing, writing, or just splattering paints all over—take notice of how you feel during your creative process. Feel your body; shift your focus from logic to the felt sense. See what arises in the here and now. Allow your soul to speak to you through your creations.


Focus on your breathing. Is it fast, shallow, deep, cold, circular? Draw lines as you visualise your breath. Try altering your breathing and draw lines or a completely new image. Draw lines that represent your calm breath. Draw lines that represent your fast breath. How did it make you feel? Did your drawing alter your breath? What did you notice while making your image? Write a short reflection.

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Create an altar of happiness.* Find an old box and design it with elements that make you happy. These could be bright colours, cut out images, dry flowers, shells, paper flowers, clay creations, pom poms, stickers, beads, or photos of sweet memories. Paint all over the box—your future altar. Place your sacred items on the altar. Decorate it so it uplifts your mood and elevates your emotions every time you look at it.

Creative explorations are inspired by:

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